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Media Contact

For media inquiries about DARK PALACE, please contact Aurelia Leo publisher Elizabeth O. Smith.




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Thank Yous

Thank you!

To Fernanda Albuquerque, Purchasing and Packaging Manager at Mucci Farms in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada, for providing me with tomato boxes in 2016 to organize my literary notes.

Thank you!

To artist Shoshannah White, whose 2015 photo is posted on this Website. Hydrangea Petals is an encaustic photograph, produced with a special process using beeswax. I am grateful for permission to reproduce the image. Visit White's site:

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Thank you!

To Ottawa photographer Justin Van Leeuwen.

Thank you!

To Julie Berthelot, E-Marketing and Administrative Officer, National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The following images are used temporarily in partial form to illustrate this Website. I have requested permission to use them. These notes acknowledge the following copyright-holders and creators:

Antosik (2) (2015) from 'Vegetal World,' by photographer Joanna Antosik.

Poppy Study 1 (2013) from 'Ghost Botanicals,' at Northcote Gallery, London, UK, by artist Michelle McKinney. McKinney is a fibre jewellery artist, who constructs artificial flowers which look incredibly real.

Dogwood Blossoms (2006) from 'Garden Secrets,' at Gallery BMG, Boiceville, New York, USA, by artist Steven N. Meyers. Meyers is known for creating radiographic photographs. His X-ray flower art is on this page.

Divider images used on the Publications and Academic Work pages are photographs which were taken by CNM Douglass. Copyright of those images belongs to LC Douglass. They are not to be copied or reproduced without permission.

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