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CANADIAN AUTHOR. Essayist on history and Millennial tech culture. Blogger. Poet and writer of literary fiction and creative non-fiction.


LC Douglass writes dark matter literary fiction. Almost 5 per cent of ordinary matter and energy are measurable. The rest, made up of dark matter and dark energy, lies beyond our ken. Douglass follows the conventions of historical research and realism. However, her stories describe a reality which is much larger than we normally presume.

Originally from Montreal, she received early training in visual arts in Ottawa. After studying history, literature, and German, she lived in Europe for several years while doing doctoral work in modern history at St. Antony's College, Oxford.


She is writing a history of the 21st century on her blog, HISTORIES OF THINGS TO COME, with a focus on the impact of technology. One reader has described it as "the greatest blog on the Internet." The site has a regular international readership of 65,000+ hits per month and a total of 3.6+ million hits.


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